Saturday, May 24, 2008

I was cleaning out my photo storage and ran through this album, The Pina Colada Garden.
This is my garden at my house ( as opposed to one of my clients gardens. )

Thought it would be interesting to post it again.
Much of the garden remains the same but there have been new additions and some deaths and much more growth on many of the palms, bananas, cussonia, and understory plantings.



Gina said...

Michelle - I still go bananas every time I see your pot heads. Man I need something like that! Beautiful gardens.

Bonnie Story said...

The ceramics are incredible. I'd love to know more about them. What a wonderful lush garden. -- Bonnie

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Thanks for comment Gina.

Bonnie, the ceramic work that is placed throughout my garden is a result of a series of studio workshops that I take at the local college.

I am inspired by the natural shapes and forms that are found in simple objects, especially the thousands of oak nuts that carpet the east side of my property.

I have used both high fire and low fire glazes on the pieces and usually use an airbrush to apply the glaze. ( I'm a lousy hand glazer so the airbrush gives me a bit more control over the flow of the glaze )

I haven't worked in the ceramic studio since I had my lung surgery ( almost a year ago ) but I am anxious to get back in and have some fun.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful garden. So lush and lively and so much to look at.

Barbee' said...

And, enjoy I did!