Monday, May 19, 2008

Nirvana is finding the 'right' Buddha

I have never read Jeff Greenwald book, “ Shopping for Buddhas”, but upon reading an inside cover quote that says to some extent, ‘ that shopping for Buddha's is real suffering’.
I totally agree.

I’ve been shopping for a single buddha for about 6 weeks now. It is for a project .
I’ve called all my many resources and then some , I get in the car, I drive to the stores, I take copious photographs and measurements and then submit the images to my client.

Nothing has struck my clients inner Buddha.

I am now experiencing real suffering.

I’m not going to go on about how I have suggested to this client that they go in search for her own Buddha. Not what they want. Time is a great consideration . I get it.

So I suffer.

I am a beginners mind in Zen Buddhism .
I’m not sure that I like this suffering stuff too much.


link to a minute fraction of images :

Sculpture For S.F. Project.


Susan aka Miss. R said...

LOL!!! I feel your Karmic pain. Forget buying locally--find a dealer and have them search globally and do the work for you. Charge a commission. There's got to be a gazillion Asian artifacts dealers in SF. OHM.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hello Susan,
I guess with suffering comes compassion.
I hope enlightenment in the form of a Buddha will reveal itself soon.
(wink )
I am exasperated but I'm also a die hard ( thick headed ) obsessive duh-signer that tries to respect the clients decisions and do best by them , ( I know you're the same, many of us are ) .

I really like this client. She is a multi-complex / layer woman who is only looking for something special that resonates deep inside.

I'm just feeling a bit frustrated at the moment and am channeling Frank Castanza mantra : ( Seinfeld ) " Serenity Now , Serenity Now"
( a lovely statue of Buddha wouldn't hurt either )

Annie in Austin said...

Last summer's Austin Pond Society tour featured the garden of an importer who had an entire wall of buddha statues in his garden. I put a photo in the middle of this post if you're interested, DD. Good luck on the search.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Unknown said...

Wow. 6 weeks. Any chance of finding a local sculptor who would do a commission piece? (Assuming she can translate from her head to said artist what exactly would resonate with her?)

Anonymous said...

Searching for Buddha...
I spent two years searching for a buddha for MY garden. None of the Buddha's you picture would have done it for me. I was looking for a "happy buddha" big, fat and smiling... maybe this is what your client seeks?