Friday, August 8, 2008

Design Workshop - Screens and Trellises

Every month or so the blog site called Gardening Gone Wild - - features a design workshop with a specific emphasis on garden accoutrement .
This month they are exploring the subject of garden screens & trellises and their usefulness in creating privacy, blocking an unsightly view or adding height to a garden.

Below are some examples of screens from my portfolio of work :

A privacy screen crafted from metal.

A simple wooden lattice screen.

Another wooden lattice screen paired with stone work. - photo by Lee Anne White

A sculptural core ten metal screen in a sculpture gallery.

A recycled wooden shoji screen that was taken out of a house slated for demolition and repurposed into a garden as a background screen.


Ewa said...

Hello Michelle,
Thee examples are gorgeous! What an imagination!

debinca said...

Nice, very nice, thankyou for sharing, deb

gonativegal said...

Dear Michelle,

Genius! I know I'm stoking your ego but you are - LOL.

Especially love love love the minimalist approach on the gravel garden with the large balls and surrounding screen.


Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

hey all,
thanks for stopping in and leaving your thoughts, - it's always good for us creative folks to hear feedback whether it is good, bad or indifferent.
I appreciate your critiques.

keep it creative,

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy seeing the images of your work, Michelle, and I thank you for sharing them through the Design Workshop. I tend to like wooden structures the best, but each time I see your slide shows that include some form of metal, I find that those images really stick with me. Perhaps that's a clue that I ought to think about adding some metal to my own garden.

Anonymous said...

Nice range of materials, from luxe to scavenged. Who made the first metal screen with the tree motif? It's your design, yes? Would it be too cheesy with palms on it?

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

I drafted up the design for the metalsmith , Mountain Forge in Truckee California and they fit the design to their smithing style and fabricated it.

It would look really cheezy if it had palm trees on it .... it is located in the Olympic Village of Squaw Valley .
The sweeping motif in the metal scene is of the ski lift and the surrounding mountain range.


Anonymous said...

Here I am all proud of my kludged together trellis and screens and I come here and see this... art is the word that comes to mind! Humbling yet very very inspiring. Bravo and kudos!


My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Michelle~
Love your blog title and description!
Humor in the garden is fun. Your photos and style are beautiful and peaceful, brings to me a feeling of being grounded.
Keep creating beauty... the world needs it~

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That first metal screen really knocks my socks off. I just love it. Now that is something that not everyone would/could have in their garden.

I also like the repurposed screen. It is great that even a garden designer would do this. Very beautiful.