Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The blues are out, Jazzy vibrant colors are in.

I’m over the blues.
All of the ceramic pots that I have clustered outside my front entry gate have been blue in color.
It was great for awhile but not any more.
So with one swift swipe of the card yesterday I bought a bright orange pot.
Now I’m on the hunt for a lime green pot and I heard that Flora Grubb nursery in the city might have exactly what I need.
The blues are out.
Fiesta ware and bright Bauer ware colors are in.

From Pina Colada

From Pina Colada

The old blue guards will still be in place, I love the bookend matching large pots, but all the supporting smaller pots are going to be traded out for a grouping of bright crayola colors - lime green, shocking hot red, pumpkin orange, and sunflower yellow.

From Pina Colada


How It Grows said...

I love the blue and orange combination!

Tara Dillard said...

You are so BRAVE. Orange is the hardest color. But MAGIC when done right.

Italians always seem to get orange right.

Are you Italian? It looks perfect.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Christine said...

Hooray! Just in time for the dreary cold season when we need spots of color to cheer us up. I love the modern/Japanese look the orange pot is sporting.

danger garden said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors! Happy shopping.

Phrago said...

Change is good! Patrick

Pam/Digging said...

Nothing like shaking things up! I love that blue pot and orange pot combo actually. Color is good.

danger garden said...

p.s. being an orange lover myself I should have asked where you got that fabulous orange pot!

JennyP said...

I'm totally diggin' these new pots I've found that are the color of aged copper--it's got this fantastic blue-green color with a hint of underlying golden brown. Yummy.

JennyP said...

Maybe you can add this table and chairs! http://bit.ly/28D4UM

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Change is in the air , and as Patrick said, Change is Good.
Hello All !
That orange pot, an inexpensive find at Home Depo in San Rafael ( yes, it does make a difference here in the Bay Area which HD garden center you shop at. The San Rafael location has a FANTASTIC nurseryman running the show and he is fabulous ! ) was a find.

The biggest challenge now is patience.
When putting together a composition I love to have it all come together at once, but my budget isn't allowing me to run out and buy several new colorful large pots,
So it will be slowly evolving process.

Looking now for a vivid acid green or chartreuse green large size pot. Hoping that Flora Grubb nursery will have it.

thanks for stopping by .

Phrago said...

Hey Michelle, You know, I can't help but comment on how big and fat that one clump of Cyperus grass in the left pot is getting. Being a grass, it may be stronger than you think and actually crack your beautiful pot to escape. You may want to cut it into four parts and share some of it with friends or other pots in your faboo garden... Just a thought...
Incidently I need to talk to you off blog. I will send email soon... Patrick

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hello Patrick,
I've been contemplating the removal and division of the cyperus this year for the exact same reason that you mention. I'd be broken hearted if one of the big blue pots splits or cracks.
I'm waiting for the winter months.
Thought I might do the division a few weeks before Christmas time so that I can pop some inexpensive rosemary topiaries into the pots for the holiday.
( Home Cheapo usually has rosemary topiaries inexpensively ) .

Hope you are doing well .

Good gardening to all.


MulchMaid said...

Love the blue and orange. I would want a perfect yellow with those as well. I hope you will keep some of the blue pots along with the new ones.

I think the color works so well because you have lots of foliage greens the colors play off.

And I'm totally jealous of your HD...ours have no pots you'd want to use, except to slide inside a lovely ceramic pot.

Phrago said...

Hey Again, one thing you might consider is mixing in odd colors like pink and white, because orange and pink are so 'shall I say it' mid 60's twiggy chic, on white of coarse. And how about Ya-Ya-Ya-Yellow, like those famous Banana boots that Billy Connelly used to wear. And for the Holidazes, how about some roping made of Bittersweet draped through your picket fence. Hmmmm, I better get thinking about my own entry... Patrick