Friday, November 27, 2009

Guzmania - Bromeliads

For a splash of color by the front door a trio of Guzmanias
( Bromeliads ) bring it on.
From Pina Colada

From Pina Colada


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Perfect little firework blasts of color...I have a gorgeous bromeliad blooming right now...bright fushia with orange spitting out. Such a secret gift!

Christine said...

It's like their name is also the name of their fan club! I'm now a member after your lovely photos. That pagoda is pretty amazing, too.

danger garden said...

I knew my "tropical" Christmas display was missing something...thanks for solving the mystery! They are beautiful!

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Great description , "firework blasts".

I just like saying the word 'Guzmanias'
The pagoda was purchased when in Bali a couple of years ago.

I'm continuing to work on my tropical christmas display front door . I found that Guzmania at Home Cheapo for 19.99 and a great little succulent wreath for the same amount.
.... Then I saw a slightly larger succulent wreath at Flora Grubbs nursery for $ 150.00 and was pleased with my $ 19.99 find !

Phrago said...

Hey, I have two of three! I don't have the pink Guzmania. What a name, great for a brewery, uck uck... These plants are very prolific, I must repot mine which have been unattended for three years and have outgrown their digs. One thing I like about these plants is that they always bloom every year. That's a nice trait for any epiphite...What is the tall succulant next to the Pagoda? Nice! The pebble/tile plaque, did you make that for a show? I remember when you were excited about making a shower with the pebbles. hey, can you recommend a good book on Succulants and Bromeliads... Looking Good! Patrick

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Patrick,
Hope you had a fun Turkey Day.
The tall succulent next to the pagoda is an Aloe. Probably Aloe arborescens. It is in tight bondage. The pot is really way too small for it but I love how it has grown so wonderfully vertical up against the pebble wall that was originally the shower wall in the exhibit I did for the SF garden show.

My "Go To" reference books for bromeliads is "Bromeliads for the contemporary garden by Andrew Steens. - I love this nice little book . It was very affordable and easy to find most of what you are looking for.
My 'Go To' succulent book is Succulents for the contemporary garden by Yvonne Cave.

Both books mirror each other in their layout, excellent photography and good broad info.

I hear Debra Baldwins succulent book is good but Yvonne Caves book is the one I chose after looking at them at the library.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

I just looked at the two books that I mentioned to you on Amazon and was shocked to see that the Succulent book by Yvonne Cave was almost 100.00 dollars as compared to the Steens companion book on Bromeliads which you could get used for $ 15.00

I don't know why Yvonne's book is so expensive ?
It is the same size and layout as the Bromeliad book .

I think I bought both books new for about 20.00 each at either Amazon or Borders.

danger garden said...

I went and looked up both books before I paged down to see your comment on the cost of the second, WOW! Still good resources to know about. Maybe I'll get the expensive one from the library...

I went and bought a yellow Guzmania today...perfect. I am curious about Patrick's remark on them blooming every year. I thought they were monocarpic? Am I wrong?

Phrago said...

Hey, Thanks for the book suggestions, I like to buy books that other people find useful. I shall check them out...