Friday, April 16, 2010

Beach side Eco Lawn installation in Marin County

We started a project out at Stinson Beach in mid November.

It consisted of grading, installing a new irrigation system, new permeable paths of bluestone and decomposed granite, some exterior architectural additions, a clean sand area for play and sitting , installation of an eco-lawn and sea side adaptable planting.

Here is the project towards the beginning

From Beach House

From Beach House

The project midway

From Beach House

From Beach House

Making gopher cages for all of the plants

From Beach House

We had a particularly challenging time getting the eco- grass seed to germinate and grow.

It was a very rainy winter and at times the rain came down so hard that it washed the seed away.

Once the seed did germinate , ( did I mention that it was rather chilly too ) it was right at the time of a huge bird migration. Just about every bird migrating up and down the coast came to dine on our newly sprouted fresh grass seed.

We ended up installing bird netting across the whole area .

From Beach House

The project 5 months after we broke ground.

From Beach House

From Beach House

The family children and I hand made the ceramic tiles in the mosaic band.

I set the tiles and had help from the kids in grouting the mosaics in.

From Beach House

From Beach House

Bags of the eco lawn

From Beach House

The plans

From Beach House


Christine said...

Thanks for the grass seed update- I've been so curious! I love the little deck extension off of the guest house/garage. Makes it look much more welcoming. And the mosaic is fabulous, as always!

ScottHokunson said...

Hi Michelle,

What a great project, even though you had to jump through a few hoops to get it going. The mosaic tiles with the clients children is an awesome touch. Bet they had a blast!

All the best,


Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Christine and Scott.
I enjoyed this project very much.
The owners wanted a very relaxed easy care garden so we worked with some simple organic shapes to form the hardscaping and lots of succulents for the planting.
The best part of the whole project was working with the kids on the mosaic band.
The kids were wonderful to work with, so talented and creative with their glaze colors and texturing on the clay !

ConsciousGardener said...

Cool look, nice project and the blue tile mosaic is a charming, personal touch:)

Lisa said...

I also purchased Eco-Lawn, based on your first post about it. Here in Portland, we spent a mild January and February removing the old lawn. In March we flushed out all the weeds (our former lawn was really dandelions and clover). On April 11th we seeded the lawn and now wait on pins and needles for it to germinate. We were told at the 11th hour to dust the seeds wiht peat moss to keep the birds from flocking in and eating all the seeds. The peat moss does not really cover the seeds, but is enough to keep the birds away (apparently they don't like it).

asclepias said...

Thanks, Michelle for your update on this great project and pics of the Eco-Lawn. The Eco-Lawn seeding looks a bit sparce but it will become lush over time. To excellerate the progress yo can overseed now (with irrigation) or in the fall (with or without irrigation) and it will, with maturity become a barefootin paradise!
The bird episode was - in my 15 years of working with Eco-Lawn completely exceptional! Birds tend to be massively disinterested in Eco-Lawn seed! Glad it worked out for you! Keep me posted and all the best!