Friday, April 2, 2010

A small Marin Potager - early April

A snippet of my small culinary, medicinal and floral potager in Marin

From Potager Gardens

From Potager Gardens

Young Sweet Peas and a Yellow Squash was recently planted a few days ago.

As the spring warms up the lettuce will start to bolt and become a little bitter.

The peas and squash will take their place.

From Potager Gardens


Phrago said...

Hey, What do you do with the Verbascum... Patrick

susan morrison said...

Very nice, Michelle. I have such a small garden and so little sun that I'm reduced to parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. And no I'm not being clever - those really ARE my herbs of choice given my tiny amount of room.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Patrick,
The verbascum is used primary for visuals and a bit of psychology. It is said that the native american indians in my area used this plant to treat lung ailments.
Seeing how I only have one lung left it signifies a whacky sense of hope.

Nice to have you drop in and leave a note.
My space is small too, so I can relate.

Mary C. said...

your food garden is so LOVELY! *envy*

Steve Asbell said...

I just nominated you for some Mouse and Trowel awards! Thanks for all the great posts!

Helen at summerhouse said...

Your potager is quite beautiful.. what are those little bits of blue in the walkway? It really adds to the look.

beth said...

Beautiful! Is that pottery or tumbled glass in the gravel? I love the way it looks there! Looks like treasure!
Beth said...

hey - i love your overlay with plant names over the plants - great visual - I may borrow concept for my website