Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kids just want to have fun.

I was organizing my photo files and came across this memorable garden.
It was designed over a decade ago, so that would make the child that played in this garden a young teenager now. I wonder how this space has transformed and how it is used now ?
Does the young teenage boy still visit his fort ? Does he skateboard now ?
Does his parents still grow vegetables in their small raised garden ?
It’s been a few years since I last bumped into these folks.
Wow, how the time does pass quickly !

I worked with this young family to carve out a flat usable space on their steep Marin hillside so that they could plant a few vegetables, watch their son learn to ride his tricycle and enjoy a place to relax in the sun.

This was truly a collaborative project. With the husband building his sons play fort , gate and storage structure while the contractor worked on the grading, plumbing , terracing, masonry and mosaic work.

Below the entry to the play yard showing the gate, playhouse and the tricycle riding ring.
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The raised stone planter provides just enough space to grow a few vegetables and herbs along side of the tricycle path.
A small patio adjacent to the storage shed gives Mom and Dad a place to sit and watch over their son.
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On hot summer days the fountain could be turned on while the the kids would run and ride their bikes through the stream of water emanating from the mosaic swirl
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Laurie Brown said...

I love that mosaic blue spiral for the water spout! That is just inspired!

Laguna Dirt said...

love the mosaic path. does it function like a fountain, in that after going down the drain the water recirculates? very cool! and what a lasting memory for the kids who were lucky enough to grow up there.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

The water flows thru a pipe that takes it to the fruit orchard that is down hill from the flat area.
It doesn't recirculate.
It's a dual purpose design. Cooling off the kids while watering the fruit orchard below.