Friday, February 11, 2011

Patrick Blanc at The Academy of Science S.F.

Every Thursday evening The Academy of Science in San Francisco opens its doors to adults only for “date night”.
There is music , drinks, special seminars and of course, the fantastic Academy its self in all its stunning glory.
Last night , Feb. 10, The Academy hosted a special seminar featuring horticulturist extrodinaire Patrick Blanc and his new American vertical garden project, the Drew School.
Lots of San Francisco’s ‘hort-i-ratti’ were there mingling amongst the rain forest.
Members of The Hortisexuals ( who were extraordinarily well behaved despite all the alcohol ), a good showing from the local chapter of the APLD, Professors from Harvard and Berkeley , the Editor from our beloved Pacific Horticulture Magazine and passionate gardeners, designers and landscape architects from around the Bay Area were in attendance.

I was fortunate enough to know the local horticultural consultant David Feix , who is working in concert with Roma Architects, The Drew School and Patrick Blanc on this exciting new project.
David, always the generous host and consummate gentleman introduced me to Patrick Blanc head gardener Silvan.

David and Silvan:
From academy

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet , speak and walk around the rain forest with these two most knowledgeable men.

Silvan checking out one of the Academy’s vertical gardens:
From academy

A bromeliad in the rainforest:
From academy

Blue legs, red body frogs:
From academy

In the water tunnel:
From academy

The talk by Mr. Blanc was insightful and his enthusiasm for vertical gardens contagious.
I left the evening inspired to try my hand , yet again, to attempt growing another vertical garden.

A unique designed living wall at the entry to The Moss Room - a restaurant within the Academy ( a great place to grab a bite to eat before the Academy opens its doors at 6 pm :
From academy

From academy


Dan Eskelson said...

Great post and photos, Michelle!

I just recently learned about Patrick Blanc. Would have loved to have been there!


rebecca sweet said...

Thanks for the tour, Michelle! Alas, I couldn't attend this most awesome lecture but at least I got a little 'sneak peek' thanks to you!

danger garden said...

What great fun that must have been! I too have decided to try a vertical garden, ours will be on the back of our garage. Your pictures give me hope that it might be a success, usually these gardens are shown in a sunny space is rather shady. The ferns look great! Now if I could just get some frogs to move into the garden...

Robert Bornstein said...

Thank you for sharing, great garden! If you like tropicals, please visit my FB page Robert's Tropical Paradise Garden. Most of the pics are from my garden in Fort Lauderdale.

robert Bornstein said...

Thank you for sharing the garden. If you like tropicals please enjoy the FB page Robert's Tropical Paradise Garden.

Phrago said...

Hey Michelle, what a great way to spend a Thursday evening! and thanks for the photo spread. Any idea when Patrick will be installing this new garden? His work is funominal, and having David along just makes it better. Glad to see the new post. I was missing your input...

Delphine said...

Cool... i love the glass tunnel !

Design Resource said...

How fun to read this today! I was just working on plans for a vertical green wall at the conservation-based botanical garden I now work for (yeah retirement plan and healthcare benefits!) We're building a new environmental ed center and I think a greenwall (maybe even a succulent one) inside would be awesome. Little nervous about succeeding with one though!