Monday, February 6, 2012

Mock ups for the upcoming Garden Show in S.F.

Slowing chipping away at building the modular units for the upcoming S.F. Garden show that is opening its doors to the public in late March.

The space that I am working within is a tiny 4x8 area. There will be about 8 or 10 of these spaces and they are being called " Small Space Gardens".

The basic layout :
3 boxes - A plinth for the buddha, a 2x6 planter and a small water basin.
From 2012 garden show

A preliminary planting mock up using plants from my container garden collection :
From 2012 garden show

There will be a simple overhead arbor that I will hang tillandsias from and mount some lighting .

I'm also working on a small vertical garden, 1x3 , that will be inset into the back wall
From 2012 garden show


Delphine said...

Wow !! i love the color ! it will be splendid.

Sandra said...

Hey thanks for sharing this wonderful information. Now i am looking out for Container Gardening.