Thursday, May 3, 2007

Building a Path and capturing character.

The character of a path reflects the personality of the surrounding landscape if it is to be successfully integrated into the project as a whole.

Below are several distinctly different paths.

Without seeing much of the surrounding landscapes I bet you will form an impression in your mind as to what the rest of the surrounding gardens may look like.

1. Does this blue mosaic path look like it might be a part of some eclectic sort of garden?

2. Does this poured in place concrete stepping stone path give the impression that it may be located in a tidy suburban yard ?

3. How about this compacted gray gravel path undulation through a sea of heather's ?

4. Feelings of Tuscany or a modern minimalist yard ?

5. Does this look like this path might be located in a rural or city location ?

6. Decomposed Granite path surrounding the bocce ball court

7. Poured in place colored concrete leading from a slate terrace.

8. A rustic flagstone path. - City, suburbs or rural surround by what type of architecture ?

9. Another flagstone path, this one is wet set on a concrete base. Craftsman’s style perhaps ?

10. Recycled cracked concrete shards make up this path.

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Layanee said...

I love taking a walk down the garden path and these are so inviting. Thanks.