Thursday, May 17, 2007

Napa Pool Project - Color Samples

A couple of new photo additions to the Napa Pool Project.

Below is a mock up of the Pool Fountain Wall showing the brown glass tile and the burlap
colored tile water spout.

We will actually be using the 'lighter blue tile’ along with the the burlap colored tile for the water spout . ( exact sample is the one that is set in at a diagonal in the mock up with brown glass tile )
It will have the same pattern layout as the brown glass tile mock up but we will be using the blue tile.

These color combo’s will work well with the color in the upholstery fabric for the patio furniture and the pool plaster color , which will be a toned down true white.

Also we have finally configured a colored concrete recipe for the pool coping and the colored concrete patios and terraces.
X marks the sample that we have chosen.

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