Tuesday, February 26, 2008

diddling around

Today I visited one of my favorite local wholesale nurseries in preparation for the upcoming garden show.
They had some extremely beautiful vivid orange Anigozanthus “kanga orange” plants growing in 2 gallon size containers.

I bought one as a ‘try out’ plant.
I think I will go back tomorrow and pick a few more out.

I placed the bright orange flowers in the small water feature planter box area but they seemed to over power the area.
So I think I will use the very understated ornamental grass “Carex spicta” and some echiverias.

But just in case I think I will purchase a half dozen of those orange kangaroo paws.
They were incredible !

Photo below shows the Suphur Springs Yellow American Clay covered shower wall with a small sliver view of the red tempered glass mosaic side wall in the background.
A couple of Euphorbia wulfinii plants were placed in the red vase for texture.


Susan aka Miss. R said...

Rich, luxurious and sun kissed. Exactly what you are after. I love the warm color scheme. I'll be interested to see how it looks combined with the cool tones of the pebble wall and concrete tub--the relationship between the proportions of each are going to be very important I think.

You're not really diddling around--this is what makes a design sing. Most people don't pay enough attention to the detail figuring no one will notice, but when you add all the details up the impact is amazing.

I want to see more, more, more!


chuck b. said...

How to even predict what something will look like in Cow Palace conditions...might as well have 'em on hand!

Orange is one of my favorite colors.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

That's what kinda bothering me Chuck.
The inability to gauge the quality of light in the Cow Palace and how colors will look and play off of one another.
The orange tones that I have applied to the walls look pretty nice and rich here in my low lit studio ( lit low on purpose to emulate the Cow Poke Palace ) ... but I'm still not convinced the colors will be vivid and clear enough in the overhead highly hung tungsten lights .

I've never been a fan of the lighting design work that has been done in the Cow Palace for the show.
I think it is terrible under lit and dramatic opportunities are lost.

I came up with my own lighting plan and hope the Cow Palace lighting crew will study it and implement it as close as possible.

We'll see !