Sunday, February 10, 2008

Working on a few details- garden show update

Last week was about getting some of the smaller details together while the bigger picture was being crafted.

Miguel and I went to the Concrete Works Studio to fit the tub with the plumbing / pumping fittings.
The guys in the studio were very helpful in putting the tub up on a forklift so the fittings could be more easily installed .

I worked on getting some of the plants dialed in.
I reincarnated some of the Bio Wall plants into a 5 foot long succulent swag.
Starting with a large Staghorn fern in a metal basket, I wove in some succulents and then made a 4 foot long chicken wire ‘toostie roll’, and planted it with succulents.
The wire basket and toostie roll will be hung together on the corner of the shower wall and drape down the length of the wall

Below are some of the plants being pre-planted in plastic troughs - these will be placed in a planter above the tempered glass mosaic wall - Philodendron, Bromeliad, Birds nest Fern and another split leaf fern.
I’ll also plant some more bromeliadad and a variety of orchids in these planters.

A couple of accent details were also worked out.
Placed on the chaise lounge will be a teak tray with some sumi calligraphy paint brushes and my calligraphy practice book.

And some festive lighting will be set over the two chairs in the yoga garden room


Anonymous said...

Yummie. I love the tray and calligraphy brushes--are the walkable? Are you going to have any sound other than the water?

mjsee said...

I love the finish on the concrete tub. And the succulent swag...well, you know how I adore succulents. Draped down the shower wall? FABULOUS. <---should be read in a "plummy" voice.

As to sounds...somehow that's crying our for gamelan in the background. (All the Balinese influences?)

chuck b. said...


Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

I have been collecting meditation music for awhile and plan on setting up a simple sound system that will play Tibetan flute music and other transcendental melodies.

As far as gamelan music goes, I think I will forgo it at this show.
While traveling in Bali I heard enough of it to last a while.
A person who I was traveling with described it as a drawer full of silver ware that is stuck and being pulled on.
Now whenever I hear gamelan played, I think of the stubborn stuck silverware drawer being neurotically pulled on to a point of yelling - " make it stop ! "

Garrett Sawyer said...

The other night, I was watching "CW Now", and on the show they had a guest Designer (Interior, I'm guessing)named Nathan Turner for a segment dubbed "Spice up your living space!". He claims that in 08 'Asian influence is out, Latin flavor is in...'. LOL! That's a bit of an overstatement, don't you think? There are many people who still enjoy Asian influence, I do. I think the more appropriate claim would be more along the lines of- Nathan Turner is out, Combined Ethno-centric Maximalism is in. LOL!
If his claim is accurate (which I don't think it is), you'd have to add latin elements to this exibit you're working on for it to gain wider popularity. I have thought about what you could do as a joke to latinize your exibit. I'm thinking the Buddha head could don a mini sombrero, and since sound and lighting were mentioned, a Mexican
DJ with full Disco light set-up. Also to add to the attraction of it all, the aroma emitted from the stand in which taco's will be sold to invite more show patrons. HAHA!
That would make you the star of the show!lol...

I should write a blog on what I think is in for 08 and shove it down everyones throats."Like it and buy it!! I happen to sell it.." lol.

Just kidding, as usual, but I think I'm still going to express my opinion in an entry soon as to what I think could be in...Who cares if my opinion is biased! lol.