Saturday, March 1, 2008

Count down time

Just one more week to prepare for the garden show.

Yesterday I was able to squeeze in a plant shopping trip between projects.

I almost never go shopping in San Francisco for plants . Mostly because the wholesalers that are located in the city are ‘interior foliage’ plant shops and not ‘landscape plant nurseries’.

So I was a little bit like a fish out of water shopping for orchids and other subtropicals that would fit in the ‘interior plant’ column.

Coincidentally the wholesaler that I was shopping at was having an open house so I did not look like a complete newbie wandering the uncharted interior plantscape aisles.

I found some absolutely big huge beautiful bromeliads imported from Hawaii and Florida and a great assortment of orchids.

Once home and unpacked I couldn’t resist doing a mock up of the small bench ‘table-scape’ that will be placed near the entrance doorway of the exhibit.

I’m borrowing a nicely weathered teak bench from a friend and will place a lovely old antique stone grinding mill from Indonesia on the table . In the stone mill I will place our post cards . On the table will be our collaborators brochures and cards along with a nice Tillandsia and orchid.

I also had time to liberate a Doryanthus palmerii from my garden. It will be used in the display garden and will be surrounded by brilliant red foliaged bromeliads and succulents.

And I finally put together the tea service set that will be placed next to the chaise lounge

Tomorrow is all about more details, mostly to do with construction and not with plants, color or fun details.
It about more pumping and plumbing connections, electrical conduits, framing and blocking for the buddha head stand . Boring stuff but necessary.


chuck b. said...

It's been amazing to watch this all unfold. So much consideration for every detail! You are a serious deziner.

Susan aka Miss. R said...

A couple of years ago when I did the Moroccan courtyard garden, I shopped the NYC interior plant markets. Boy was that a trip! I ended up renting four large palms instead of having to buy them. I never would have known to do that if I hadn't gone a hunting!

I love, love, love the color story. Time to start using that meditation space...How's your stress 'o meter--red zoned?

mjsee said...

Your ways with color always leave me breathless. Can't wait to see the final product!

Christopher C. NC said...

Talk about drama. That Doryanthus palmerii is a stunning foliage plant. Now I'll have to go see if that will grow in my new zone. Ha!

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

I love the drama of the spear lily, Doryanthus too.
I will have it located on the last island wall.
It will be surrounded by a cluster of deep crimson shiny red bromeliads. Infront of the the red broms will be a fringe of aeonium succulents - A. jolly green.

I am officially exhausted right now so no uploading of pictures of the fabulous bromeliads that I purchased at Sunborn nursery.

I'm gonna pack a few more boxes and then hit the hay.

will post more as we move into the cow palace.

see ya !