Monday, November 16, 2009

Do your interiors relate to your exterior ?

I’m in the process of redoing my exterior entry containers.
Previously they were all blue in color. The new design layout uses a mixture of bright colors.

This got me thinking because my interior color scheme is a jumble of bright colors a la Fiesta Ware ceramics and Bauer pottery.
For those not familiar with Fiesta or Bauer pottery they were (and still are, but are under new ownership) ceramic companies that thrived during the depression era by producing dinner ware in vivid colors.

Even my wall colors are intensely colored. The living room is orange, or as the can of Home Depot paint said “ Colorado Sunset ”.
The kitchen color is really interesting. It is called “Lemon Grass” and it can look bright yellow in the early morning summer light or muted green in the autumn low light.

So now there is a relationship between the colorful mix of ceramic planting containers that I have at my front entry gate and the interior of my house.

In my everyday professional business I take into consideration the relationship of the interiors in juxtaposition to the exteriors when designing for other clients, but for myself, it has come a bit slower.
Perhaps it is the case of the shoemaker not having new shoes for himself ?

Do your interiors relate to your exteriors ?

Livingroom below- color is Colorado Sunset
From Pina Colada

From Pina Colada

A picture of laziness : The TV set has been broken for over 9 years. The VCR part still works though so I can watch my one and only yoga tape. I like the lay down and close your eyes position the best .
From Pina Colada

Below : The new exterior pottery collection ( some of the pots have been replanted since I took this photo last week)
From Pina Colada

The Kitchen
From Pina Colada

Kitchen table
From Pina Colada

The Magic Box
It has some neat compartments. The lower shelf houses dog food ( though I don’t have a dog anymore but occasionally foster care for one ) and the upper shelves and cubbies have cleaning supplies and other stuff that you need but don’t necessarily want others to see.
From Pina Colada

I have limited cabinet space in my small cottage. This contraption holds my daily dishware.
From Pina Colada


Jim/ArtofGardening said...

What a great question. I've never given it much thought. I guess mine "mesh" in that everything is very colorful inside the house (purple, yellow-gold, copper, greens, wood and more) and everything outside is colorful too (oranges & yellows and reds), but no colors match.

Your house has GREAT color. I could live there. If the TV worked.

danger garden said...

I love the colors! Bravo! Fiesta and Bauer (and their no name vintage cousins) are favorites, although in my current “no dishwasher/clumsy husband” house mine are not used daily, my second to last chartreuse breakfast plate (California Modern) was broken just last week…*tears*. On a positive note we are getting Chartreuse marmoleum floors installed in the kitchen next week yea!

So, to answer your question, I think mine does. Very similar colors and look in both. The thing that doesn’t really “fit” though is the exterior of the house itself. I need a nice 50’s modern ranch!

Phrago said...

Hey Michelle, I used to collect Fiesta ware, but got rid of most of it a few years back. Love the forms of the serving dishes and pitchers. I kept those. You would kill for my silver ware that I use for parties and holidays: 1939 Rogers Allure, I have service for twelve +. You have very interesting taste, I knew you would be immersed in Asian things. Your house is very pretty, and Clean! I wish my house was so organized, alas I live with the world's biggest pack rat... Me, I am into the more jewel tones of lapis Blue and moss green, burgandy, and Walnut Empire cabinets, mixed with Blonde Decco (not '50s), Arts and craft dining chairs, and lots of Art Glass. My gardens are more like clearings at the edge of the woods (I live in the North), Shady, and currently a bit weedy. Much foliage and the occastional flowers in Blues, Pinks, and White with yellows running toward the sunnier areas. I have an assortment of Large metal Bird Sculptors guarding the sanctuary of my porch and large Wind chimes to warm me of the approaching weather. I need to install my fountains... Great subject, Patrick

Tara Dillard said...


Vanishing Threshold.

Your interiors are beautiful. Now your landscape, already gorgeous, is going to be amplified. Flowing from inside your house.

YOU are becoming more you. And you're sharing it with us. Thank you.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Christine said...

The Buddha in your living room looks eerily familiar... is it similar to your last garden at the garden show or a clever bit of recycling? The house has such a warm & welcoming feel to it. Thanks for sharing!

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Jim,
You'd be surprised that you don't miss the TV if you have a well equipted Mad Scientist Work Studio, aka the garage.
Always lots of projects to do in the studio and around the house. Your colors sound intriguing.

Danger/ Loree,
Sorry to hear about the broken chartreuse plate.
I've broken my share of Fiesta and it brings me to tears when it happens. I have 3 really old 'radiation orange' dinner plates that I never use. I'm too chicken to take the chance of breaking them. I have no idea what they are worth, but to me they are priceless.

I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not familiar with Rogers Allure. I'm going to google it to find out what I am missing.
The jewel tones sound soothing to the eye.
I'd love to see photos of your place someday, especially the art sculpture outdoors.

Tara, great description, "vanishing threshold'.
Love it.

Kerry said...

OMD Michelle what is that amazing glass art piece/frame behind your sofa? Is that one of your creations? It is to die for gorgeous. :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oooh I see the beautiful mosaic buddah. He looks beautiful surrounded by Colorado sunset!

Yes...ours (inside/outside) are practically the same. This time of year the big wall of windows is open all the time.As are all of the windows and doors... Tropicals are brought into every room.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

The glass mosaic piece that sits against the living room wall is indeed a leftover from the S.F. Garden Show.
I removed the side wall wings and stood it up against the wall.
I haven't finished the edges and the slightly disproportionate Buddha that sits in the window is not the original Buddha from the show, ( that one weighs about 110 pounds of solid stone and is outside in the garden awaiting a whole new water feature ).

Hopefully this winter I will frame the edges and properly finish the window with some ipe wood.

Christine said...

Gorgeous! I remember loving how the piece attracted my eye from far away and it just kept getting better the closer I got to it! A brilliant appropriation- glad you're making good use of it.

ricki - sprig to twig said...

my favorite quote from someone asked the inevitable question about color sense: "I just plant (paint) what I like, and it all seems to work out."

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!