Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A few days left.

If you are interested in attending The Late Show Gardens held at Cornerstone Festival of Gardens in Sonoma California ,**** you have only a couple days left to get discount tickets.
The cost of the ticket will be $ 20.oo after August 1, 2009.
If you purchase your ticket before Aug. 1, you’ll save $ 5.00.
From garden tours.

I have high hopes for the show.
The line up of designers and speakers sounds sensational !

I’m particularly hot under the collar to hear Jeffrey Bale speak. ****
I’ve heard him speak before at the Strybing Arboretum and he is awe inspiring, not to mention that he is a Hottie !
I wish he was one of the designers doing an installation garden. His work is AMAZING
From garden tours.

I’m also looking forward to hearing what photographer Marion Brenner has to say as well as garden designers Glenn Whitey and Charles Price ( I was fortunate to travel with these three fun people to Bali a couple of years ago )

As far as designers go, well, they all are intriguing and exceptionally talented.
I saw the preliminary design concept that Suzanne Biaggi has come up with and its very thought provoking and aesthetically WOW. ******
From garden tours.

I’m terribly disappointed that Cevan Forristt will not be at the show. His name is published on the brochure but I hear that he has other commitment's and will not be showing.
Boooo Hoooo. - he’s one of my favorite Bay Area Designers ******
From garden tours.

Hope that you can join in with the fun !

September 18 - 20 2009


Delphine said...

Hello my dear friend !

I understand your disappointment : Cevan Forristt is a great artist.

Susan aka Miss R said...

I wish could go! Please blog, blog, blog the good, the bad and the ugly!

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hello Delphine,
How are you ? I hope that your summer holiday was fun filled !
I really enjoyed your last post .... well, actually I enjoy ALL of your inspiring posts !

I wish you could attend too. But there is only so many wonderful events to go to and it sounds like the APLD in the Pacific NorthWest was wonderful.

Yes, I plan to take my camera and review the show just like I did at the S.F. garden show last year.
I might have a chance to visit the show all three days due to a friend who owns one of the permanent shops in the complex . He may need an additional hand during the festival and I adore his shop and he has been very generous to me over the years.