Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let's take a dip ! It's hot outside.

It’s swimming pool weather !
Unfortunately here in California we are experiencing our third year of drought and the local water department authorities have put a permit ban on filling any newly built swimming pools.
I usually design one or two swimming pools a year, but due to the drought and our current economic crisis there have zero opportunities to design a swimming pool.

Below are some photos of some of my favorite swimming pool designs that I had an opportunity to see while in Bali.

This pool has a Mayan temple feel to it.
From Bali

From Bali

Beautiful underwater mosaics
From Bali

This small dipping pool was part of a private suite - sweet !
From Bali

Love the built in concrete lounge area that extended into the pool.
From Bali

From Bali

From Bali

From Bali

This pool overlooks a beautiful valley. I like the seat wall in the pool as well as the terrazo bath tub sunken in the adjoining stone patio

From Bali

Lush surrounding garden
From Bali

From Bali

Made Wijaya’s pool
From Bali

This pool was located just steps from my bedroom at a private villa a few of us rented together .
From Bali

These pool pictures were taken two years ago on a trip to Kauai.
We stayed at the Grand Hyatt for 5 fantastic days.
The best part of the stay was being able to swim at night in all of the different swimming lagoons.
From Kauai Trip

From Kauai Trip

From Kauai Trip

This was one of my favorite swimming areas, it opened up to several other large pools.
From Kauai Trip

I loved the slide !
From Kauai Trip


danger garden said...

FABULOUS! It's hot here in Portland this weekend and I needed a moment in the pool. I envy you your travels, looks like you've been many wonderful places.

Susan aka Miss R said...

Inspirational. Makes me wish I had a pool to design...we have plenty of rainfall here and the first summer I can remember w/o water restrictions. Still, like you, no pool design this year due to the economy.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

We were JUST talking about redesigning our pool this morning!

LOVE those Bali pics! Did you meet Made his work. Absolutely inspiring...and I have a pic of his pool in my inspiration folder.

Care to show us any that you designed???Hmmm???

Deviant Deziner said...

Danger, Nice to hear that Portland is getting some heat, bet your garden is looking spectacular ! I'm going to click over to your blog to see what you and the pugs are up to.

Susan, Yes, a little design inspiration is always appreciated. I hope that you have / had some inspirational projects this year.
I just landed two new small projects where the clients want very modern clean design lines. Yippppeeee !
I can hardly wait for lead to hit the paper.

Linda, You lucky goil you ! Have fun redesigning your pool. I did have a chance to meet with Made Wijaya. He invited a group of us to his home and office complex and treated us to lime martinis , a fun tour of this garden and office and a great little slide show of his favorite projects.
He was a wonderful host.
He also set us up with one of his employees and a friend to show us around some of his projects in and around Bali.
Super nice fellow.

My pool designs .... will try to get a few together.
If you access to a library check out The Pool Idea Book. There is a pool or two in it of my work.

Happy Independence Day to all.

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

OMG! I've only been on Oahu, but you've got me lusting after more exotic locales. Aren't we lucky, tho, to have natural air conditioning for the 4th of July? What perfect weather, albeit, dry :D

Michelle said...

I wish I had happened upon your blog before I built my pool! I posted the project progress (or lack of progress) on my blog. These pictures are helping me stay focused.
Made's designs are so fabulous, lucky you!

ryan said...

And not a kidney shape among them... Really nice photos. I could have used a swim this afternoon.