Friday, July 17, 2009

A new garden settles in.

Stopped by a garden that we just finished up a month ago.

I was a little apprehensive about the condition of the new planting.
As soon as the new planting was installed we had a two week long scorching heat wave.
A few plants got toasted but pretty much all has faired well.

From Water fountains in the landscape

Railings were the final touch required before the permit could be signed off.
From Water fountains in the landscape

The switch for the water fountain is located inside the house.
There is an over ride switch outside, but if the inside switch is not turned on , the outside switch doesn’t work.
So I couldn’t turn on the water feature.
Maybe next time when I stop by.

From Water fountains in the landscape


Denise said...

It doesn't seem fair to read your blog every day and never comment...I've really enjoyed the stepped up frequency of posts in your blog, Michelle. Gorgeous stuff!

Deviant Deziner said...

Hey Denise,
Thanks for making your voice heard.

I've been able to update this blog more often since figuring out a more convenient and faster way to upload my photos by using Picasa and their automatic resizing software.

Previously it was a time consuming process to compress down the photos and then upload them to the photo hosting site.

thanks for stopping in.


Michelle said...

Beautiful! They look like they are loving the heat!
This nasty heat wave has taken a toll on many of my new and old plants. 107 is just a tad too scorching for some of them.

danger garden said...

Everything looks wonderful! And I agree with Denise, I too am enjoying the frequency with with you've been posting lately. One request...more pictures of YOUR garden please!