Saturday, July 18, 2009

Green Gulch Farms Zen Center

On Saturday I drove out to Stinson Beach for a new garden design project.
The early morning was shrouded in a light lingering coastal fog and the air was warm.
After leaving Stinson Beach I drove south down hiway 1 towards Muir Beach, at the top of the ridge I took a hard right hand turn and slowly maneuvered down an old familiar narrow winding road to Green Gulch Farm Zen Center.

I started attending the Zen Center for practice in the late 80’s.
It has always been a place of deep contemplation, refuge and solitude for me.

Today I wandered through the inner gardens to see what was fruiting and blooming.

The photo below shows one of the entry arbors into the circular shaped sitting garden.
From New Album 7/18/09 6:21 PM

A comfortable bench overlooks the circular shaped flower garden.
From New Album 7/18/09 6:21 PM

Upon leaving the large circular flower garden lies the cutting garden and espalier fruit tree garden.
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Down the main wide dirt path is the entry to the garden nursery and head house*
- * ‘head house’ is a common term used by horticulturists to denote their work shed.
This work shed / head house is constructed out of adobe. The roof is planted with native grasses.
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The entry doorway
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A work table can be found inside as well as some cubby niches for the gardeners personal belongings and nursery necessities.
From New Album 7/18/09 6:21 PM

There is also a special niche located directly under a skylight.
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Outside in the nursery are lots of tables with plants for sale.
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Just beyond the nusery is a dense green hedge of timber bamboo. If you find the opening in this bamboo thicket you’ll find yourself in a completely different feeling garden room. It is intimately small , just the right size for a few people to share a moment of meditation with.
From New Album 7/18/09 6:21 PM

On the way out I stopped by the tea house for a look into the garden.
From New Album 7/18/09 6:21 PM

It was a lovely quiet day in the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center garden.

If you would like to visit this garden yourself you can find information about visiting hours at the zen center’s website :


Shawn said...

Wonderful pictures and even better gardens - just discovered this site and I am hooked. Could you throw out a few more plant names so I can borrow some ideas ;) ?

Deviant Deziner said...

Hi Shawn,
Welcome !
I'll try to offer up some more descriptive info, especially plant names.

enjoy browsing.

vuejardin said...

I love the design to entry a garden through an arbor or arch.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the info, looks like a trip is in order. said...

Michelle, very lovely blog and website. I really have a great time looking at all the great posts. Yes you have hooked me as well. I am a garden junkie from wayback. Thanks for the inspiration.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Always happy to inspire,
What goes around , comes around.

keep inspiring us too.

Pam/Digging said...

I enjoyed the pics. What a peaceful looking work shed, especially.

chuck b. said...

I've been meaning to do the headlands hike that passes by Green Gulch... maybe next week.