Monday, July 20, 2009

Re-visiting L.A.

While re-organizing my photography stock this past weekend I came across a CD of photos that I took while in L.A. a couple years ago.

I took a trip with the Hortisexuals, a group of passionate gardeners who love cutting edge and unconventional gardens, to spend a few days garden gawking.

We visited a condo complex.
Yes, you read correctly. A condo complex. But this is no ordinary building and the owner, Boyd Willat , is not your ordinary developer. This complex has a name : Seven Fountains.

To get a full range taste of this remarkably well designed living community , you can visit the website for the condo complex :

Below is just one of many fountains found on the property that tickled me.
From Water fountains in the landscape

Look in the lower right hand corner of the building and you can see the niche where this lively fountain entertains people as they come and go within the inner courtyard.
From Water fountains in the landscape

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