Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Seeing how this is a Zen Spa Garden the Bio Wall has been “reincarnated”.
It’s new incarnation is 3 separate planter boxes.

The boxes shown above are crafted out of 1.5 inch thick styrofoam and will be veneered in American Clay.
The color of the clay is called Sulphur Springs and is a nice mellow yellow with a tinge of orange /tan / orche

They’ll be planted with a bronze foliage bromeliads, green aeoniums, chondropetalum, furcrea medio pica , giant kalanchoes, bronze cordylines and phormiums

These planter boxes will match the American Clay veneered shower wall ( the shower is on the Inside of the display.- not shown in this sketch )

Attached to the outer wall is the small stacked slate stone square planter with a smaller water basin on the inside
Edging the water basin will be a planting of carex and primrose.


mjsee said...

I think the reincarnation is going to flow nicely...I've always liked repeated elements. Can't wait to see them plastered!


Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Thanks Mel,
I too think it will flow nicely with the repeated elements, color and texture.

The American Clay plaster looks like a great product and I am looking forward to using it.
It's not really an 'outdoor' product , but for the show I think it will look and perform fine.

I like the option that we can rework it if it cracks during transportation once we get it in place at the Cow Palace . Unlike real stucco or Venetian Plaster which dries hard and can't be re-hydrated.
It is also a 100% eco product .

Anonymous said...

Certainly a workable solution. The LA students from Rutger's say they have a bio wall in next week's flower show here--I'm sitting it out. I'll send some pix.

mjsee said...

Susan..you shouldn't just send pics...you should worm out of them how they did it.

Inquiring minds and all that!