Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That's a wrap.

Last week we wrapped up a project in Northern California.
Previous to the renovation the outdoor area was a series of ramps, masonry walls and wooden platforms all at various disjointed heights and widths.
To get from the side yard to the back yard you had to climb up a set of steps, cross over a tilted ramp and then step down a few more steps.
The new layout is an open flow plan allowing for easy level access from side to back yard.
In order to achieve this we had to dig back the hillside by several feet and install a 10 foot tall retaining wall.
To break the over all height of the wall we terraced it back to accommodate two walls , a 7 foot and a 3 foot retaining wall.
A glass and slate mosaic water feature was embedded into the 7 foot tall wall along with a stone planter.
A New England bluestone patio was also installed as well as an outdoor cooking area.

From Water fountains in the landscape

Planting is still very young. It is mostly subtropical in nature.
Plants include agave attenuatta, aeoniums, banana, papyrus, colocasias and creeping fig vines that will eventually cloth the tall stucco wall.
From Water fountains in the landscape

Detail of the water feature. A copper hood was installed so that low voltage lighting could be installed at the top of the water fall line.
Flamed edged blue stone borders the slate and glass tile.

From Water fountains in the landscape


Jamie and Randy said...

Oh, now that’s just magnificent… You designed all this? What an artist you are. --Randy

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

Incredible work: I salute your artistry, creativity, dedication and zeal! Alice
aka BayAreaTendrils f

danger garden said...

Fabulous! The owners of the place must be so excited...and those plants you chose ohlala!

Deviant Deziner said...

Jamie and Randy,
As with most all of my projects, it was a collaborative effort between myself, the craftsmen, the owner and the structural engineers.

Alice, thanks for the kind words!

danger garden, glad you liked the plants. The planting is just 2 weeks old so I'll be updating the growth over the next few years and will probably post more photos as the landscape fills in.