Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cornerstone Festival of Gardens - Sonoma CA

The water lilies are blooming at Cornerstone Festival of Gardens located in Sonoma CA.

From New Album 6/20/09 5:20 PM

From New Album 6/20/09 5:20 PM

From New Album 6/20/09 5:20 PM

and the whirly gig sun flowers where twirling in the wind

From New Album 6/20/09 5:20 PM

Topher Delaney’s exhibit garden is holding up quite nicely - I think the name of this garden is ‘bar code’.

From New Album 6/20/09 5:20 PM

While cruising the outdoor shopping grounds at Artefacts Salvage I came across this wonderful passenger bicycle.
I really would love to have this !
From New Album 6/20/09 5:20 PM

And finally, an interior photo shot taken in the shop known as Artefacts Salvage.
The shop owner and staff does a wonderful job with staging their merchandise.
The lighting is always superb.

From New Album 6/20/09 5:20 PM


Michelle said...

Artefacts is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. Also, the Berkeley Horticultural Nursery. Have you been? Is it worth the trip?

Deviant Deziner said...

I like Berkeley Hort but I think there are much more innovative and inspiring nurseries to visit in the same area.
I would recommend the nursery Flora Grubb in the city as a destination nursery.
It far out weighs Berkley Hort in every department and then some.

When in the Berkeley area I tend to visit Magic Gardens over Berk Hort.
And if I have the time a stop into The Dry Garden.

Susan aka Miss R. said...

I wish I could go to Cornerstone or Chaumont or the Int'l Garden Festival at Redford in Quebec. I have only been able to see photos and hear presentations about what I perceive to hotbeds of horticultural creativity. I want to experience them in 3-D, you are so lucky to have one so close to you. I'm jealous!