Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ruth Bancroft Gardens & Sculpture Show

Last weekend I visited the opening of “Art in the Garden” at the Ruth Bancroft Garden.

The Bancroft Garden is located in Walnut Creek CA, a arid inland suburb about 40 minutes from San Francisco.

This distinctive garden works in harmony with its dry desert like climate.
It is planted with lots of cactus, succulents, palms and other drought tolerant plants from around the world.

The art that was exhibited in the garden was nicely curated and well placed amongst the desert foliage, which are sculptural in their own right.
From garden tours.

My favorite piece was a glass sculpture blown by Kim Webster -
From garden tours.

I met Kim in the garden and she described how she designed the sculpture with LED lights to illuminate at night time.
Brilliant !

My apologies go out to the artist who sculpted the 3 foot diameter head pictured below. I have misplaced the name .
This piece, sculpted in clay, piqued my interest.
From garden tours.

The sculpture show runs thru mid July 2009.
I highly recommend making the trip to anyone who love fine sculpture and sculptural plants.

From garden tours.

From garden tours.


ryan said...

I've been meaning to check out the garden for a while now. Every time I see photos, yours included, the garden looks really interesting.

Deviant Deziner said...

Hi Ryan,
I hope that you give yourself a treat and visit this garden.
It is a gem.
We brought our lunch with us and found a nice park to have a picnic in that was located less than a 1/4 mile from the Bancroft site.
It was called Heather Hills Park or something like that.
A lovely setting.

Susan aka Miss R said...

Hi Michelle-
Your post reminded me that I wanted to visit our own local Art & The Garden...will have to find a day w/o rain to take some pix...thanks! Love the glass piece btw.

danger garden said...

You've added another garden to my must see list. Looks fabulous ... and as always great photos!