Friday, June 12, 2009

Made for the Shade.

This interesting structure is an umbrella stand - or more aptly , a shade structure stand
It’s not your typical residential umbrella made of fabric and a wood pole.
From Interplay Project

This shade structure will be situated near an ocean. The base, shown in the photos, will be mounted in a children's play area surrounded by a sand pit.
From Interplay Project

If you look closely, the motif is inspired by the sea.
Sea kelp floats across the structure and fossils are embedded.
Glass mosaic tiles emulate the waves in the ocean.

This sculpture was crafted in the studio of Interplay Design located in Northern California.

One of the nautilaus that I sculpted out of clay for the shade structure . It was made into a mold and casts were made using concrete
From Interplay Project

roughing in the sculpture.
From Interplay Project