Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A recent project

I’ve been working on a nice project for the past few months.
It hasn’t been a ‘traditional project’ for me in the way that it came about or how it has developed but I have enjoyed the process and have especially enjoyed the people.

Usually my projects are full master plans or a new landscape development for a renovated home or a new piece of property. I start at the very beginning and see the project through to the end.

In the case of this project the homeowner had hired a very talented landscape architect , Tom Galli of Kentfield , to design the basic yet very complex layout.
Tom is a genius when it comes to figuring out complex sites. It comes naturally to him.
This site had major elevation problems that cut off natural flow of pedestrian traffic.
Tom came up with a great solution that utilizes a series of walls to create flat usable space for the family.

The building contractor , Richard McCartell, has been absolutely fantastic .
He took a set of structural plans that had little to no aesthetic detailing and turned out a fantastic looking job.

All of the fine details were researched and thought up by the homeowners and Richard.
I occasionally was consulted on a few problem solving items, but for the most part it was the homeowner and the contractor who finely crafted this unique looking landscape job.
I stand in awe of their efforts .

Below are two photos of one part of the job.
photo one shows the water feature detail- it is constructed out of slate and glass tiles and is set into one of the main retaining walls.

From New Album 6/2/09 4:27 PM

The second photo shows the stucco coats going onto the retaining wall with the plants in the foreground waiting to get planted.
From New Album 6/2/09 4:27 PM

I post some photos later of the planting and the water feature in action.


vuejardin said...

Glass tiles give the waterfall area a contemporary look. Very nice!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Plaza time. It will look even better softened with your plantings.

danger garden said...

Ditto for what Patrick said.

Deviant Deziner said...

I had a chance to do plant placement today.
Will post photos of the adolescent planting when its done.