Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do - Not - Resist

I did not resist the urge to plunk down a few dollars yesterday while at my local Home Depot.

I bought 3 new plants and a new terra cotta container.

The Home Depot in my 'hood is like no other.
The nursery manager, Charlie Rossi is an experienced horticulturist with a very keen eye for plants.
It's like a specialty nursery rather than a hum drum big box store.
Yes, he does bring in some 'regular staples' for the nursery , but he is more inclined to bring in the hot new
introductions when they can be found at a reasonable price.

Two years ago when Agonis Jervis Bay After Dark hit the retail nurseries for 50 dollars in a five gallon container he found some healthy beauties for half that amount.

Yesterday when I visited 'his' nursery I was knocked over by the rows and rows of fabulous succulents in one gallon and 2 gallon size containers.
Echiverias, Crassulas, Graptosdums, Agaves, Sedums, Senecios and so much more !!
All of them in exquisite health and shape...... and very very reasonably priced.

In the pot ( $ 19.90) below I planted three new plants : Crassula falcata, Crassula capitella and a Graptosedum
The C. falcata was in a 2 gal. container for $ 15. and the C.capitella and Grap. were in 1 gallon pots for 5$ each.

I just could not resist. I spent $ 45.
But when you consider that I will be taking cuttings from these plants in less than a month to spread around the rest of my succulent garden, it is really a pretty good deal.... ( humor me ! )

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Susan aka Miss. R said...

Its been a while since my last visit to your blog. As always your insight and vision are never a disappointment. I wish the Crassula falcata would grow here, but alas that's wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

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Michelle said...

This is beautiful. I live in No. Cali, where is this is Home Depot!?!

Deviant Deziner said...

Hi Michelle ,
The Home Depot that is absolutely fabulous is located in San Rafael.
Today I ran in to pick up some phormiums. He had all the cool ones, Rainbow Warrior, The Guardsmans, Yellow Wave, Pink Stripe, and even a couple of the hot new dark burgundy Cordylines.
Tables and tables of great one gallon and 2 gallon succulents too.
I also scored two wonderful 5 gallon Papyrus.

Michelle said...

Thanks! I will make a trip up down that way soon. I love the San Rafael area, and I'm in love with succulent gardens!