Friday, June 12, 2009

Drought and Deer Tolerant Plantscape

Today I drove by a garden that I designed about 9 months ago located on Belvedere Island, Marin County , Northern California.

The homeowners wanted a drought tolerant garden that could stand up to the heavy deer population.

The steep front yard hillside overlooking the San Francisco bay was already terraced when I arrived on the site.

All we had to do was weed abatement, minimal soil preparation, the planting and the homeowner re-connected the existing automatic drip irrigation system with some minor modifications.

From California Gardening

The dark burgundy tree in the background is Agonis flexuosa Jervis Bay After Dark
Infront of it is Yucca filamentosa , Leucadendron jester, Kniphophia shining spector and Pennistem sect. rubrum.

From California Gardening

The dark rich red spear leaf plant in the foreground is Phormium Dusty Chief.
It is surrounded by Aeoniums sunburst.
Above it on the middle terrace is a bunch of succulents , some banksia groundcover and a nice brilliant stand of Anigozanthus .

From California Gardening


danger garden said...

Beautiful! God I need to move to California.

Deviant Deziner said...

danger garden,
you can always come for a visit, just bring your pugs.

ryan said...

Nice mix. Really well filled in for only 9 months. We've planted After Dark a couple of times, but they're still too young to amount to much. They look like they'll be good when they're big, though.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I found my way here from the GGW link. Since I have to garden WITH the deer in harsh, full sun, I was intrigued by your plantings. I live in North Carolina, so you can grow so many plants that I can't grow here. Your design is beautiful with colors and textures. Congratulations on your success!


Anonymous said...

I love the way you mimicked the reddish hues of the peppermint tree. "After dark' is my favorite, I have 3 growing on our decomposing granite slope in North San Diego.Last year my fav. was kangaroo paw, I might need to get a few 'big red' to keep the peppermint trees company! Very inspiring, you have quite a talent.